When A Christmas Party Rocks

I will admit it.  Each year I get a bit more annoyed at the commercialization of Christmas.  It won’t be long before we start seeing door buster Christmas sales on Labor Day!

But I’ve come to enjoy one little tradition, and how challenging it can be:  The Company Christmas Party.

Challenging for too many reasons.  What’s the budget?  The place?  Can we find a date without conflicts?  How many will show?  Should we do gifts/raffles?  Open bar (never a debate!)?  The logistics challenges are plenty, and my personal event planning skills are no match for our HR Manager, Arlene.  She pulled off a great event.  Which got me to thinking…..

What makes a great Christmas Party?

  • Food.  Dancing.  Beverage.  Venue.  Prizes.  Laughter.

All of those things form the ingredients and are important.  But like many things in life, I’ve found joy in the simpler things, 2 in particular:

  1.  I’m still Old School and have come to appreciate Pictures, but with a modern, self indulgent twist:  The SELFIE!  We take great pride in the selfie at LM.

lmchristm lm-xmrs lm-xmac

2)  More important than the flash of a selfie?

Recognizing what makes a company great:  The People.  

Recognition is always tricky, as by definition you never like to leave anyone out.  But SERVICE awards are great ways to say THANK YOU.

For a Company that has “LM” as their initials that represents “LOYALTY MATTERS,” employees celebrating key milestones matters in a big way.

  • We are lucky at LM Foods.  20 years in existence, which is not insignificant.  And we have people that have been here for all 20 years, 3 to be exact.  And a couple of 15 years, and one knocking on the door of 20 years we expect to recognize next year.  And plenty of people with a decade of service.




There’s something comforting about a decade.  You can’t fake it.  You either can endure, or you can’t, and decades are a hell of a yard stick.  For companies, and for people.

How many tech companies raise millions in venture capital, burn it up with the only economic sustainability plan is to wait for the next round of venture capital or public markets?  That’s the subject of another day.

For now, we’ll just appreciate a good selfie, some terrible dancing, and a bunch of people that stood the test of time.  

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