The Lottery Chronicles @ LM Foods

We had some fun with the $1.5 BILLION jackpot yesterday morning.

First, we had a guest in our conference room, who also happened to be our BRC auditor for food safety and quality.  Whether it’s an IRS audit or a manufacturing plant audit, the mere mention of the “A” word tends to quicken the heartbeat.  Nothing like a billion dollar jackpot to lighten the mood!

A funny scene emerges:  Wallets out, who owes who what?  Is it a pool or are we individuals?  Who’s keeping track?  etc

My great plant manager loaned me $55 to combine with my $5.  60 employees, 60 tickets!

A bunch of silliness and some laughs are always great to start a meeting.  But we also had the typical questions…

What Would YOU do with the  money?

Would you show up to work the next day?  The day after?

I suspect these questions were asked at workplaces across the land.

One idea?  “Buy a building, free room and board for any LM Foods Employee!”  Pretty Cool.

One of our ingredient mixers commented the other day that a new piece of equipment made life a bunch easier.  So I offered to buy another new piece of equipment!  That created another chuckle.

Another comment?

“I bet this (or any) business would accelerate dramatically if the people in it were relieved of any and all financial pressure?”

I have absolutely no idea if there is wisdom here or not, but it is a fascinating question to ponder…….at least for a moment or 2.

What could be worthy of MORE than a minute or 2?

What would you do with your TIME?  

Time is the ultimate equalizer and how you spend that precious commodity speaks volumes.

It is a shame how “Work” is thought of as a 4 letter word.  Many spend more than 2/3’s of their waking hours at work, and far too many plod through years dreading waking up and grinding away, only looking forward to weekends or a couple of vacations a year.  It’s one of the saddest situations when people dread what they do for a living.

Me and my plant manager shared a few laughs.  We both said with 100% sincerity that we would show up the next day.  Same Time.  Same Place.  I’d be lying to tell you that doesn’t make my heart smile.

Eok Jo Jeon (“MJ” Mr. Jeon) was born in Korea.  I was born in NJ.  He’s a lifelong expert in this Surimi World.  I don’t know if I consider myself an expert in ANYTHING.   He runs a world of operations.  While I love that world, my bias is “external” in the sales & marketing arena.  On the surface, you couldn’t find two individuals more different than each other.  

mj & mo

Those differences between MJ & I are obvious.  What is NOT obvious?

We have the same DNA.  So much that I call him my “Kor-talian” (half Korean, Half Italian!).  The phrase”Old School” makes us both smile.

MJ & I got to know each other in the trenches.  By listening to each other.  Being in each other’s world.  We have battles together, and we share laughs together.  And none of it came easy.  None of it was fast.

Gaining mutual respect happens over time, especially when 2 people come from opposite ends of the planet.  Some relationships are easy, others take work.  But all businesses are built on sound relationships, no matter how slick a company’s technology.  

So a billion $’s is nice, and nobody would turn it away.

But creating something special is hard to put a value on.  Re-defining work.  Re-imagining how opposite worlds can come together and form a relationship.

Fantasies are fun.  They create a nice diversion and maybe a few laughs.  But then the bell rings.

Everyday people have a choice to create a better reality for themselves and for their families.  

That can come with a billion $’s, or just a billion dollar CHOICE.  

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