SWAG Matters, Especially When It’s From The Heart!

We’ve all seen SWAG.  You know, the stuff you get at trade shows or events with company logos on them.  From shirts, to pens, to mugs, promo items are everywhere, and we have our fair share.

Mr. Jeon & IN, LM Foods Shirt

Sporting Their LM’s Shirts with pride!

But there’s a special kind of SWAG I’ve come to love more than any other.

Homemade SWAG.  

Let me explain…..

With “Heart & Hustle” as our core company values, saving a buck, being creative and having fun while doing it has become something of akin to a pickup basketball game.

  • Everyone tries to one up each other.

  • We find iron decals, can’t beat the price!

  • We do odd, quirky things with them.

  • We sometimes screw up the execution and put it on backwards.  And we laugh at that.

Over the summer we gave a baby shower to Jessenia, one of our quality control managers.

This type of event is critically important, but in a factory, it’s very difficult to pull off at the end of a shift.  Truth be told, here’s how it happened:

  • 1 hour before, we start making some swag.  First step, whip up some graphics to print out the iron on decals.
  • One of the things we are proud of is our third party certification for Food Quality/Safety, a “AA” rating from BRC.  So why not make a decal of that to go on the new arrivals new outfit?
  • Because what could be better than a AA certified new baby boy?

aa rated

Except there’s a problem that happens when you rush:  You make mistakes.  We print out the logo and Iron it on.  BACKWARDS.

in iron on

aa rated backwards


So what happens when you screw up something simple, like a “AA” certified onesie?  

Throw out and start over?  Heck no!  We press on and throw the party!

jessenia onesie

Our plant manager had a great suggestion though for how to handle the backwards logo’d onesie for the new arrival:

“Turn him upside down by his ankles, then you can read it without struggling”.  

Sometimes safety gets prioritized behind a spur of the moment creative solution!

We did manage to get our company logo and values onesie ironed on correctly however!

onesies right

There’s something special about homemade.  It comes from the heart.  And sometimes, when you screw up, it’s funny.  It’s also human.

Sometimes, laughing at yourself is the best humor going.

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