Words Are Everything!

I’ve always liked to walk our factory’s property first thing in the morning.

Today I was admiring the green thumb work from Andrew, our sales director!  Sprucing up our entrance is not exactly in the job description of  a sales person, so let’s call this “Green Thumb Hustle!”  Andrew takes pride in his craft, and pride in where he works.  We are lucky to have people that take pride in their home away from home.

front sign

LM Foods Entrance

But the other side of the sign hit me……”Have A Great Day!”

LM Foods Entrance, Carteret NJ

What hit me?  “Have.”  Subtle little word that really annoys me.

Isn’t the word “HAVE” such a passive word?  “HAVE a Great Day.”  Simple little phrase we take for granted.

Wouldn’t “MAKE IT a Great Day!” be better?  

Doesn’t that imply we have the ability to control our own destiny?  Our success?  Our happiness, and maybe even misery?  Attitude really is A Billion $ choice

Another extraordinary person comes to mind at LM Foods.  MJ. Mr. Jeon (“MJ”).  I call MJ my Kor-talian, because we are so similar in our view of the world it is startling, but we needed to work to come to that understanding of each other.  He has a way with words as English is his second language.  Phrases tend to be short and sweet.  And sometimes breathtaking.

One memorable phrase I’ll never forget from MJ.  In a meeting with Andrew and I, he boldly told Andrew:

“You 100% WRONG Talking!”

  • Not exactly a polished way of disagreeing….

  • Not exactly a passive way to approach a topic.

  • HUSTLE, happens to be a verb.  Action.  Intense Effort.

  • You know what else this is?  Clear.  Concise.  Memorable.  Remarkable.  Funny.  Worthy of repeating at the appropriate time.

Words really are important.  So is attitude.  So is Heart.  And so is Hustle.

Every company has core values, whether they are written down or not.

Our core values of Heart & Hustle come out daily, in small ways, and sometimes visible ways.   They come through on early morning walks.  And sometimes they come through when somebody WRONG TALKS.  

make it a great day


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