Relationships: If They End, Should They Ever Begin Again?

It happens in business:  Relationship sometimes end.  It could be relationships with….

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees

It can happen for many reasons.  Economic?  Price too high.  Salary not high enough?  Requirements/”ease” of doing business is becoming unbearable.  Countless reasons.

I’ve always been fascinated with Employee relationships.

People are what define every company and the culture within it.  I’m often confronted with employees that leave our company and then down the road, for a variety of different reasons, they want to come back.  It’s both flattering and frustrating at the same time.  Leaders all have different opinions on how best to deal with this.

Here’s our filter:

Did they embody our core values?  Heart-and-Hustle-Blog-LM-Foods


Not just ON THE JOB, but how they decided to leave in the first place?

By embodying our values of HEART, we expect that employees look out for each other.  Heart is about caring, and when someone leaves without given notice, what does that say for their “HEART factor” for the employees that remain that are now in more of a bind?

When somebody leaves because they have a host of issues, and they can be too numerous to count (kid care, training, compensation, resources, etc) but FAIL to sit down with team members and/or management to discuss and work to SOLVE the issue to make the situation better for themselves and their team members, what does that say about their HUSTLE factor?

On the flip-side, there are people that do things the right way.  They leave for bigger and better opportunities, they give us notice, and who could fault anybody for that?  Or they really try and communicate challenges and many times we can solve those problems and everybody is better off for it.  That’s success on both sides.

Business is very much about RELATIONSHIPS.  Not all relationships last forever, and sometimes the brutal realities of the marketplace overwhelm good intentions and cause relationships to end.  But shouldn’t “life long” relationships be a great standard to live by?  Perhaps an idealistic standard, one that requires communication, empathy and an acknowledgement that it is a process to work through together.  But when you have someone that shares both your objectives AND your core values, hang onto them.  

That fit can often be a rare find.  

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