The Chase for 1,000 Stories

My 2016 year end board meeting started a useful & fun exercise:  Building a story through pictures.  The best kind of story……the true variety.  Of People.  People Winning.  Celebrating.  Learning.  

So on a week off I went through the fun project of looking at LM Foods’ Quarter 2.  So much went on in Q2, but to name a few….

  • Nico, our First shift Supervisor tied the knot with Carmelina, also an LM Foods employee from our second shift!  This wedding was fun, but not without a fair degree of stress as the Minister was 20 minutes late.  No fear however….

    • IN Cha, our Sales Operations Manager springs into action and downloads a license to conduct marriages.  Anything is possible with the internet!  Thankfully, he did not need to put it to use.

  • We decided to get out to Top Golf for a night of celebration a couple weeks before with the guys and later met up with the girls.  Top Golf is a great place for even the most novice of golfers to hack it up and have some fun while doing it.

  • A few nights out around the fire pit……a long NJ winter with too short of a spring provides a great excuse.

Last……I found a great little bottle of wine:  “1,000 stories.”  It was a label that flat out grabbed me, and caused me to day-dream.

1k stories…..

  • Isn’t a company’s culture, or DNA driven by the collection of stories?   Aren’t these stories what makes the company unique, valuable, remarkable?

  • Isn’t the culture the key to a great company/career/job/experience?

  • Doesn’t the culture begin and end with the person in the mirror?  In other words, everyone!

  • If you aren’t creating stories/memories/experiences that are worth telling, are you really living a life fulfilled, or are you just grinding through the day?

LM Foods, like many companies has its fair share of stories.  As do our customers, suppliers, investors and service providers.

The joy of business is not just writing your our own story, but understanding the story of those around you.  In many ways, that’s what Heart & Hustle is all about.   

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