Heart is about caring. Demonstrating service, not just proclaiming it. Companies cannot be GREAT when only one side wins, everybody needs to benefit. Heart means looking out for our brothers and sisters, building a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Hustle is all about hard work, and a desire to get better every single day. Going the extra mile. Leaving it all on the field. Serving our partners. Manufacturing may not be “sexy,” but we love it, and it is still a cornerstone of this great country. Heart & Hustle is the corporate blog of LM Foods. Where Loyalty Matters.
March 22, 2015

Logo Re-design: Just another “Art” project?

      Some people love the creative side of business, sometimes referred to as “Marketing.”  Others prefer the more objective areas that can be precisely measured. While getting ready for the Seafood Expo, our team was consumed with the usual activities of product development, brainstorming, etc.  A logo was the last thing on our mind. Then a person from […]
March 6, 2015

Message From CEO

“Of All the Businesses In The World To Buy, Why a SURIMI Company?” This could be the most common question I’ve been asked in my first year of ownership.  It’s a basic foundational question that every entrepreneur confronts before making that final “go or no go” decision.  And here are the reasons: YES, it’s Surimi! Niche Category, relatively flat growth, […]