April Fool’s Day: Laughter Matters!

April 1st.  April Fools’ Day.  A day set aside for doing harmless pranks or jokes on your friends, co-workers, etc.  The outcome of said prank?  Laughter.

A great prank is a display of creativity.  Stress.  Laughter.  In many ways, it’s a show of trust, that we can play a joke on a co-worker and they won’t take it too seriously, and ultimately laugh.

Laughter:  One of the great stress reducers in life.  Have you ever laughed so hard that your abdominal muscles or cheeks feel sore?  What a great feeling.  

Have you ever experienced this at WORK?  If not, WHY?

  • Is the culture “all business?”

  • Too serious?  Too intense?

  • Too strained financially?

  • Is belly laughing “not appropriate?”

Maybe a culture of pranks, laughter and actually enjoying the world of work is not common, maybe it is.  Every company is different and every company has it’s own unique culture, standards of behavior.  Every company deals with its own set of circumstances, challenges and brutal realities.  LM Foods is certainly no different…..

But I would argue that successful companies have a spirit about them.  That spirit may actually resemble April Fool’s day, where people not only laugh, but they laugh WITH each other.  They think about each other, and ways to create moments that lift people up and put a smile on the face of those around them.  

Everybody has a different opinion on “Pranks,” some like them, some hate them.  But nobody can argue the power of laughter.  

At LM Foods, the “LM” stands for Loyalty Matters.  

On April 1, we will switch it to “LAUGHTER MATTERS!”  But really, laughter Matters EVERYDAY.  Life is too short, so laugh hard.  Laugh often.

Happy AFD.

April Fool's Day

Image Credit:aprilfoolsdayideas-pranks.com

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